Lucene Rottweiler Puppies of 2010
Marco and Chevelle
Born on 6/13/2010
3 girls and 1 boy
Pink and Yellow at 3 wks old
Orange and Green Boy at 3 wks old
Chevelle is so proud of her litter she is raising.
The gang at 4 wks old
They are 5 wks old and are
enjoying playing and eating
5 wks
Chevelle puppies have gonehome and I will sure miss these puppies so much. They have been the best puppies to care for and so glad they all have love owner that are so excided to bring home there new family memeber.  They all will be taking a puppy training class at 10 wks old and I told Chevelle that she can go and watch her kids learn there new to tricks.
6 1/2 wks old
Lotus and family at 7 wks
Leo at 8 wks
Porsche and family at 7 wks
Meiko and family at 8 wks