Mechelle and Ch. Lucene's Czar, CD have been the best of friends for many years and would love to share with you who we are today.  Mechelle has bred, owned, trained, and handled  Rottweilers since 1974.   When Mechelle was 11 years old, her mother helped her pick out her first puppy out of a litter 13, her name was Lucene's Rhoda, UD.  Rhoda was the foundation and 1st generation of the Rottweilers that are owned and bred by the Lucene Kennel.  Each rottwelier that has been bred and shown has won multiple awards at the Kennel Club Shows.  Some of the generations of winners are listed below:
Ch. Lucene's Laura, CDX, was the 2nd,
Ch. Lucene's Starbuck UD, was the 3rd,
Ch. Lucene's Crystal Star, UD, was the 4th,
Ch. Lucene's Czar CD is the 5th,
Ch. Lucene's Porsche Carrera, RN and
Ch. Lucene's Heavy Chevy is the 6th generation.  
Ch. Lucene's Carmengia v Luxor, Ch. Lucene's Mini Cooper v Luxor and Lucene's Chevy Chevelle are the 7th generation and today we have
Grand Ch. Lucene's Chevy Monza Coupe as our 8th generation.

As Mechelle reflects upon her life's work,  she continually stands in amazement at the amount of love and caring each Rottweiler has brought into her life.

She continually states that the years of hard work have paid off and she has enjoyed every minute of her labor of love in owning such a wonderful breed of dog like the Rottweiler.

Lucene Kennels is located in Alpine, CA and we would love to introduce you to our dogs.  If you are interested in our training, breeding program, or kennel, please call or email us!!!  We would love to hear from you.  Keep watching our site for updated information about our Rottwielers and the next generation of champions!"

Breeder, Owner, Trainer  and Handler
Mechelle Stall - Alpine, CA 91901

(San Diego County)

Updated April 2022
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