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Jeanine spent 10 years at Chicago's renowned Art Institute where she particularly enjoyed drawing and painting animals of all kinds.  It was here that she developed her eye for lines and body conformation. 

Her interest in Dachshunds began in 1948 when working with one on a TV commercial.  She became a serious student of the breed, she learned from such famous names as Grace Greenburg, Ed Hirshman, Fred and Rose Heying. 

In 1952 she bought her first Standard smooth Dachshund and became a member of the
San Diego Dachshund Club.  Since then she has bred over 300 Champions as of 2014.  Many, many of her Dachshunds have been Best in Show winners under the "Lucene" kennel name.  Jeanine applied for her judges licence and has been judging since 1972!  In Jeanine's first judging assignment in 1973; she judged 167 dogs at the Northern California Dachshund Club and has been active ever since in the judging arena.  Jeanine is internationally known for her Kennel and quality champions that are bred.  This is exemplified by the acceptance of an invitation in 1996 to judge 538 Dachshunds at the 4th Annual Dachshund Specialty in Melbourne, Australia.

Jeanine remains an avid professional artist.  She has created some highly valued portraits of outstanding champion Dachshunds throughout her career as a breeder of top quality Dachshund with excellent conformation and temperaments.
Contact :
Jeanine Sudinski
Mechelle Sudinski-Stall
(619) 445-4417


"The Dachshund  (some Lucene dachshunds in print)
Anna Katherine Nicholas and Maria A. Foy
Published: t.f.h. (pages 84, 85 and 86

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"If you would like a quality standard smooth dachshund that has championship bloodlines and good temperament, our breeding programs are invaluable in creating the loving companionship that a Dachshund brings to your family.  Our breeding evaluates temperament, body conformation and good quality bloodlines.  If you are interested in our Dachshunds please contact us or simply contact Jeanine Sudinski and Mechelle Sudinski8-Stall if you are interested in owning a Lucene Dachshund; we would love to meet you!"
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